Holy to the Lord

December 28, 2021

Exodus 39.22-31

22 They made the robe of the ephod entirely of blue cloth—the work of a weaver— 23 with an opening in the center of the robe like the opening of a collar, and a band around this opening, so that it would not tear. 24 They made pomegranates of blue, purple and scarlet yarn and finely twisted linen around the hem of the robe. 25 And they made bells of pure gold and attached them around the hem between the pomegranates. 26 The bells and pomegranates alternated around the hem of the robe to be worn for ministering, as the Lord commanded Moses.

27 For Aaron and his sons, they made tunics of fine linen—the work of a weaver— 28 and the turban of fine linen, the linen caps and the undergarments of finely twisted linen. 29 The sash was made of finely twisted linen and blue, purple and scarlet yarn—the work of an embroiderer—as the Lord commanded Moses.

30 They made the plate, the sacred emblem, out of pure gold and engraved on it, like an inscription on a seal: holy to the Lord. 31 Then they fastened a blue cord to it to attach it to the turban, as the Lord commanded Moses.

Not many people wear turbans on their heads where we live.  What I do see is a lot of baseball style caps.  Sometimes a baseball cap with the emblem of a baseball team on it.  Many with other sports teams of different sports.  Some caps with the name of the company they work for, a brand name of a product, or even just a statement or picture that says something about a person’s beliefs of personality.

Aaron, his sons, and the priests who will follow, will have the statement holy to the Lord.  This is the descriptive statement about them.  It describes their position in life as priests.  It describes their duties as priests.

But the statement is not just about them, it is about all who will see the seal on the turban.  All of the people have the same place and identity: holy to the Lord.  This is the picture of the people we need to hold.  They are all set apart as holy to the Lord. 

This is the statement about us today.  We are called to be holy to the Lord.  It is the identity that is already placed on us as we have been called and brought into the church.  It is the statement made at baptism and repeated at our profession of faith that we are God’s people, members by his grace, as he claims us as his holy people; holy to the Lord. 

We don’t wear it on a cap, or another name plate on our clothes or body, although a few wear some pieces with statements at times, and a few have some tattoos about faith.  But the place it becomes real is not in the marks on the body and the clothes on our bodies, it is in the way we live in response to the grace of God as he calls us: holy to the Lord.  Living as those who are holy to the Lord.  This is our life and witness to all.  That we, and all, are called to be holy to the Lord. 

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Grant us, Lord God, the vision of your kingdom, forgiveness and new life, and the stirring of your Spirit, so that we may share your vision, proclaim your love, and change this world in the name of Christ. Amen.

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