We are all invited to receive grace from God in Jesus. Along with that invitation we are also called to deeper faith, a more intimate relationship with God. One part of that is in our worship and the preaching of the Word of God. It is also done in our homes as we read the Word together and spend time in prayers over devotions and at meals. Yet God calls us deeper than just our feet in the water. He calls us to fully immerse ourselves in his grace.

One way to go deeper is to get involved in a small group with others who want to grow in faith. We find that the most effective groups are those that develop organically, out of our natural relationships. Not all have those relationships. If you need a group in which to get involved, contact us at: [email protected]

It is also possible for us to develop that deeper faith as we take part in spiritual disciplines. We sometimes use terms like “faith practices”. The Christian Reformed Church offers some help with that on our website at: Faith Practices Project. We also have been using these, and other practices, as the basis for teaching within worship. We will work to keep some of the information for those practices attached on this page.

Solitude Texts from Mark

Solitude Exercise

Solitude Template

Lectio Divina

Practice of Prayer

Practice of Discernment


Reading the Word

Preparation for Worship