Lectio Divina

God invites us to know him and to know ourselves in his Words.

  1. Choose a text.  Usually about 6-8 verses.
  2. Quiet yourself before God.  Offer up a short prayer with a time of silence.  “Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening.”  Or another prayer of your own words to calm yourself before God to hear him speak.
  3. Read the text a few times.  Read it out loud.  Read with inflection and emotion.  Have moments of silence in between each reading and before moving to reflection.
  4. Reflect on the words you have read and spoken.  Ask questions
    • Why do I need to hear these words today?
    • Where do I see myself in this text?
    • What do I experience as I set myself in this story or these words?
    • Utilize silence in between questions and before moving to a response.
  5. Find how you need to respond to the words read and the reflections on them. 
    • What challenge is there for me as I have heard these words today?
    • What is my response to God’s invitation?
    • What does this change in how I am, as a child of God?
  6. Read the text again, at least one more time.  Take time in silence before God to rest in his presence.