Practice of Prayer

There are many ways in which we can practice prayer in our life of faith.  Some of those options are shown for us on the CRCNA website, on the Faith Practices section.  You can check out some of those ideas here

The importance of prayer can be seen in the gospels as we often see Jesus himself spending time in prayer.  We hear from Paul in his letters that he is praying for the churches and that he asks them to pray for him and for those with him.

We give testimony to the importance of prayer as a church in several ways.  In worship we have several moments of prayer together.  We begin and end most gatherings in prayer.  We teach in the Heidelberg Catechism that prayer is the most important part of our thankfulness to God. (Heidelberg Catechism Q&A 116, LD 45)

Spend time in prayer seeking God, seeking his grace for all, seeking his grace in and through the church, seeking to be followers of Jesus.