Getting Ready for Worship

There are many things we do in preparation for worship each week.  A few that can be helpful to get us all started are here.  The goal for each of us is to come to worship each week with our hearts and minds ready to give praise to our God and to hear God speak to us as well.  Ready to be moved and ready for the week of service in the kingdom of God that he is preparing for us.

Exercises for Worship Preparation

  1. Look up some of the names of God given in the Bible.  What do they mean?  How do they show us who God is?  How does his name help us to worship?
  2. Think of times when you have been deeply moved in worship.  What was going on in your life that made worship meaningful?  What was going on in worship?  How can you put yourself in the place of worship as you come each week?
  3. Make a list of the people who are involved in worship each week.  Pastor, musicians, people running technology, people making bulletins, custodians, and there may be many more.  Pray that God will use them in the week and prepare them as they lead us in a variety of ways.  Pray for the ones preparing and leading the services we take part in.