Serving Others

Jesus tells the disciples that if they want to be the greatest then they must become the least of all (Mark 9).  We see Jesus wash the disciples’ feet and start to think that the leaders must all serve the rest of the church.  Yet the example of Jesus washing feet is for us all.  We are all called to be servants.  Serving Christ and serving the world around us.

There are many ways in which we serve.  There is a good article on service on the faith practices page of the CRCNA website (Service) with links to ideas for how to serve as an individual, a family or a congregation.   There are ways to serve by going on a service trip for World Renew in response to disasters (World Renew).  But we can serve well in our own places in the small things we do each day.  We see God at work in our world and we join as he invites us in.